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Executive Search

Cornerstone SEE is a retained executive search organization that delivers quality, senior-level talent to leading enterprises and organizations.
Focusing on relationships and client satisfaction we ensure that integrity, professionalism and authenticity are a part of every engagement. Our clients are global and multinational organizations from all business fields.

The secret to Cornerstone SEE's success is its comprehensive approach to the search process, which includes developing position descriptions, research, candidate generation, evaluation and candidate presentation. Cornerstone SEE bases every recruitment exercise on thorough, original research and evaluation. We get to know companies, their industries and the fine points of their open positions and we use this detailed intelligence to find truly qualified talent. Because of this in-depth evaluation process and our understanding of today's corporate cultures, we only present highly qualified, "best match" candidates for clients' consideration.

Our goal, during the turbulent times the global and local economy go through, is to exploit our international know-how in order to meet the increasingly challenging demands from our clients. Our strategic role is to assist them identify opportunities arising from new promising business sectors and make smart decisions with high ROI.

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